Russian fish production in first four months of 2010

June 4, 2010 16:16

The Russian statistical office has issued figures of fish production in regions of the Russian Federation in January -April 2010, reports ( ) with reference to Statistics Russia.

More specifically, in April 2010 fish production decreased by 4.9% while canned fish production fell by 11.4% in comparison with the same period 2009. However, during the first 4 months (January - April 2010) average monthly rate of production increase was recorded at 24.1% for fish production and 12.9% for canned fish production if compared with January - April of the previous year period.

In North West of Russia average rate of fish production and canned fish production growth amounted to 18.2% and 5.1% correspondingly. In River Volga region the average rate of increase amounted to 13.4% and 1.6% correspondingly and in the Russian Far East the figures stood at 31.9% and 20.9% for fish and canned fish correspondingly.

As per January - April 2010 shipments of domestically manufactured products (services) in fisheries and aquaculture increased by 13.96% to RUB 38.54 billion (less VAT).

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