Russian fish farmers pioneered reproduction of valuable species registered in Red Book

May 5, 2009 16:01

For the first time in the world Russian fish farmers based in Lipetsk in the country's central part has pioneered reproduction of Rutilus frisii kutum registered in the Red Book of Russia in manmade environment, reports ( with reference to Irnews.

According to general director of ZAO Lipetskrybkhoz (closed jsc) Mikhail Bugakov, in one year they will get juveniles of this rare fish for further stocking into the waters of the region.

The project has been launched four years ago and since that time the brood stock has increased to 1000 fish. The fish reaches length of 70 cm and weight of more than 6 kilos. The species is remarkable for its strong pharyngeal bones capable of crushing mollusks shells easily. When released into the water bodies, including those used for industrial purposes, kutum cleans the pipes from mollusks thus acting as a sort of cleaner.

Presentation of the project took place at agricultural exhibition in Moscow where it was appreciated by the visitors.

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