Russian fish companies kaleidoscope

September 16, 2010 09:00

In the first half of September 2010 Russian fish companies has been reporting a number of important developments, according to

Among others some most important events have been as follows:

  • La Maree Company trading in a wide range of 200 fish products from 20 countries has been boosting shipments of chilled seafood from the Russian Far East to its restaurants. The company's owner Medi Duss opened a storehouse in Sakhalin and began shipping fish products from the Russian Far East to foreign markets and to Moscow as well. In particular, one recently opened restaurant of La Maree now has on display northern sweet shrimps (RUR730.00), deep-fried smelt (RUR170.00) delicatessen Japanese icefish with tartar sauce (RUR170.00), Sakhalin rapana (RUR190.00 per 100g), spiny crab in spicy Singapore sauce from black pepper (RUR350.00 per 100g), wild Kurile giant oysters (RUR630.00 per oyster), Sakhalin mollusks anadara and spisula (RUR290.00 per 100g), fresh halibut (RUR550.00 per 100g), sea urchin (RUR370.00 per 100g) and various seasonal fish - sockeye, salmon, coho and pink salmon.
  • A new trout species featuring extremely early spawning has been bred by the scientists of Adler fish farm based near the Olympic city of Sochi, Kransodarsky Krai after 10 years of selection works. More specifically, the scientists have succeeded in breeding trout spawning in August, the new race called Kamloops Avgustin. Now the scientists are collecting the necessary documents to register their copyright. The new species will become the third breed cultured by the fish farm. At present, the Sochi farm covers 90% of the Russian market of trout roe.
  • Starting from 2011 Blagoveschensk shipyard based in Amur Region will build 15 small seiners per year. In 2009, after a three year break, the yard received a large order on construction of seiners for Kamchatka and Sakhalin owners. Since that time the shipyard built 9 vessels.
  • On 25 August 2010 Minister of Agriculture of Estonia opened a large coldstore of the United Trawl Fisheries of Estonia in the port of Paldiski (northwest Estonia). The new facility aimed at long-term storage of Estonian fishery products was built under support of the Fish Fund of the European Union. The project cost 60 million krones (3.8 million Euro), of which the Ministry provided 45 million krones (2.9 million Euro) via eurofunds. In the near future two more coldstores of the same class will be opened in Estonia.
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