Russian Far East Fishery & Research Council distributing quota shares between regions in 2010

November 9, 2009 16:15

Participants of the Russian Far East Fishery & Research Council who gathered in Vladivostok in early November 2009 have signed an agreement defining shares of inshore and commercial quotas broken down between the Basin's regions, reports ( with reference to Novosti Rybolovstva.

The agreement has become the Council's main achievement as it is supposed to put an end to the conflict between the regions some of which are interested in larger quota shares for inshore operations and some of which are more interested in offshore fisheries in the Russian EEZ. According to the agreement, the quota shares for inshore and offshore operations will be calculated under the approved formula once every four years starting from 2010.

Along with the above decision, the Russian Far East Fishery & Research Council has summarized the results of the salmon season 2009, looked into distribution of the TACs 2010 and analyzed exploitation of non-TAC-regulated aquatic biological resources.

The Council has unanimously disapproved amendments to the Federal Law and the government's draft orders providing for introduction of new types of fishery and quotas both linked to vessels built at home yards after 1 January 2010.

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