Russian Far East fishermen to profit from EU buyer focus on Pollock

March 16, 2010 10:13


Of late the producers of value added bottom fish products in Germany and the UK have been making an increasing emphasis on Alaska Pollock. This is a good sign for the Russian fishermen who are working on MSC certification of this resource which splits into two units of certification, Sea of Okhotsk and West Bering Sea with the both of them under MSC full assessment for the past year, reports

As currently forecasted by the Russian scientists, the TAC for the next year is not likely to undergo any major fluctuations but there are some current uncertainties with the supply of this species due to Russia's slow adjustment to the new complicated paperwork arising from the extra IUU fishing regulations recently implemented by EU.

In this context in Europe, prices are expected to move upwards, especially as the Lent season should bring an increase in demand as the Lent season and, in particular Holy Week, just before Easter, are still the top fish consuming periods in Catholic countries.

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