Russian and Norwegian stocks of cod and haddock set to rise

August 6, 2008 16:01

ICES has recommended to increase cod and haddock TACs 2009 at least by 10% for cod and by 20% for haddock in the Barents Sea as the spawning stocks of these two species are much above the lowest necessary abundance according to the precautious approach, fishery sources in Murmansk told (

More specifically, the TAC 2009 of the Barents Sea cod can be increased to 496,000 tonnes, while the TAC of haddock can be raised to 194,000 tonnes.

According to the fishery management measures, the TACs of cod and haddock are distributed between Russia, Norway and the EU. Icelandic shipowners also hope that the nation's quotas for capture of cod and haddock in 2009 will not be decreased as compared to the current year volumes.

Besides, ICES says that the abundance of the arctic saithe (coley) stocks is fairly high today.

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