Russian and American scientists have discussed the fishery questions

October 12, 2007 08:55

The scientists of the TINRO-Center of the Russian delegation have participated in the 18th session of the Inter-government Russian-American advisory fishery committee.

The session took place in the La Holya city. This structure was created within the limits of inter-government agreement of fishery issues from 1988.

A wide range of questions concerning the relationships between two countries in the field of fishery were discussed at the session. The discussion and submission of the final version of the new and universal agreement between two countries that includes the regulations on the research and protection of jointly exploited and boarder reserve of aqua resources was continued.

The American side has acquainted the Russian delegation with the preparing changes in the fisheries protection codex that will come into force in 2009 and also the measures on the aqua resources protection and the decrease of catches and the fight with poaching operating in USA.


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