Russia working out new fisheries agreement for future talks with Namibia

March 18, 2010 16:19

In mid-March 2010 the Russian Government has finally approved a new Russian-Namibian agreement on cooperation in the sphere of fishery, reports ( with reference to Consultant Plus.

More specifically, according to the government's order No. 274-r dated 3 March 2010, Russia has approved a draft agreement between the Governments of the Russian Federation and Namibia in the sphere of fishery, the document having been signed by Russia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other interested federal executive bodies.

Under the same order, Russia's Federal Fisheries Agency has been commissioned to hold negotiations with the Namibian side and on reaching agreement to sign on behalf of the Government of the Russian Federation the corresponding agreement. The Agency has been also allowed to make amendments into the agreement if they are not of fundamental character.

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