Russia turns spotlight on aquaculture future

December 11, 2007 16:29
In February 2007 Russia's First Vice-Premier Dmitry Medvedev urged the regional leaders responsible for the realization of national project "The Development of Agro-Industrial Complex" to begin significant financing of the aquaculture. By this statement Dmitry Medvedev predetermined the policy of the state and the support of the further development of seafood industry. In the nearest future it is planned to form a material and technical basis for artificial fish farming in Russia by means of soft bank loans.

According to the data of analytical group of Norge-Fish Ltd, annually in the world the share of aquaculture in total value of the sold water bio-resources has been increasing by about 3 per cent. Now the value of aquacultural products in the world almost equals to the value of caught (wild) water boi-resources.

In Russia the production of farmed fish is insignificant and amounts to 115 000 tonnes in comparison with the production in China (more than two thirds of total volume of aquacultural products), Norway and other countries.

Thus it is necessary in the near future to develop domestic aquaculture and reach an output of 260 000 tonnes by 2010.

In the last decade the annual wild catch volume in the world stabilized at the level of 95 million tonnes, and most experts consider that in future people will depend more on farmed fish and other aquatic products, said the President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. He also states that it's strongly necessary to introduce the most modern fish farming methods and advanced technologies, but first of all it is necessary to strengthen legislative framework.

At the beginning there is a need to pass the law "About aquaculture", where all fundamental rules and standards of fish farming development in Russia will be specified. The Law will become a basis for development and it is expected to boost investments into the sector.

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