Russia told to supply more papers to resolve seafood export deadlock

February 19, 2010 11:58

In an official letter dated 15 February 2010 (Ref. D 01878 MARE A4/AM D (2010) REP 1176) Brussels has turned down Russia's notification of appointment of competent national authority in charge of implementation of EC's IUU guidelines, reports

While noting the appointment of the authority for approval of catch certificates, the EC officials have forwarded a long list of omissions such as names, addresses and official seals of the national departments responsible for all the clauses of Annex III of the IUU Regulation.

These, among other things, cover registration of Flag, issue of fishing permits, confirmation of catch certificates, control of compliance with fishery regulations, checking and conveyance of certificate samples, update of such notices, etc.

Russia is also told to make a number of other statements as regards implementation of IUU rules and laws on her territory.

The letter says that on completion of the above procedure the appointment of Russia's competeте IUU authority will be accepted and announce on the site of the EC.


Meanwhile the EC has rejected Russia's plea to allow landing of Russian seafood production made as of 1st January 2010 as no exemptions from the new regulations are foreseen. As a result no Russian catches made as of 1st January 2010 may be landed in the EC ports and allowed onto Europe's market in any degree of processing.

This issue can be resolved by Russia submitting the necessary papers in the shortest possible time span, says the letter.

The EC officials have urged the Russians to act fast as the situation is creating big headaches not only for the Russians but also for the buyers of Russian fish and seafood products in Europe.


The Russian fishing companies have responded with growing resentment to the mounting EC redtape which has been adding further complications on top the implemented State Port Control.

Further, some critics in Russia are questioning the efficiency of the costly European bureaucracy spending billions Euro on stocks conservation and fighting pollution with no impressive results. Against this background Russia spends considerably less while having its fish stocks in much better shape and cleaner waters.

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