Russia to take extra measures for development of fishery industry onshore infrastructure

April 29, 2009 16:22

Russia will take extra measures to develop onshore infrastructure for fishery products handling, storage and seafood processing, reports ( with reference to Vostok-Media.

Towards the end, the government commission in charge of the fishery industry has recently met with representatives from the regions to discuss optimization in the nation's fishery sector. The meeting has resulted into a complex of measures aimed at development of onshore infrastructure.

In particular, already in September 2009 the Tax Code of the Russian Federation may include amendments and addenda stipulating for a switch to single agricultural tax for fishery organizations and sole traders engaged in fish processing, said Minister of Kamchatsky Krai Government Vladimir Galitsin. This is an easily administered soft tax substituting such four taxes as VAT, property tax, profit tax and single social tax. In another important development legislation is being prepared to enable mortgage of fishing vessels and capture quota shares as security for credits.

Besides, proposals have been conveyed to the federal government to exempt services of ship repair and ship building companies of the VAT, to reduce resource fees for sole traders, as well as to subsidize costs of establishing specialized fish markets in the regions. According to the participants of the meeting, a decrease of import duties for fish processing and fish reproduction equipment and an increase of duties for fish products having analogues in Russia would be another efficient measure aimed at supporting the fishery industry.

In the end of 2009 Russia's Federal Fisheries Agency and Ministry of Agriculture are planning to forward to the nation's Government proposals on establishing two public limited companies with state capital: one to be engaged in organization of auction seafood trade with affiliates in Russia's regions and one to major in seafood transportation, storage and sales.

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