Russia staying biggest export market for Norwegian seafood

April 13, 2010 15:33

Norwegian export value of frozen salmon in the first quarter 2010 increased significantly, reports with reference to official figures of Norwegian Seafood Export Council.

Russian share in the Norwegian seafood exports grew strongly, while share of exports to the EU showed a downturn.


Exports of Norwegian Salmon to Russia in the first quarter of 2010 totalled NOK 568 million, NOK 221 million or 64% up on the first quarter of the year 2009. Russia is reported to be the third biggest export market and the biggest market outside the EU for Norwegian salmon. Fresh Norwegian salmon head-on is becoming an increasingly important export article, accounting for over 90% of the total value of exports to Russia in the first quarter of 2010.


Exports of Norwegian Fjord Trout in the first quarter of 2010 declined by NOK 49 million to NOK 419 million. Russia has kept the position of the first export market for Norwegian trout.

In March, the value of Norwegian exports was NOK 161 million, a decline of NOK 21 million.

In the first quarter, the average price of fresh Norwegian Fjord increased by NOK 8.77 to NOK 37.06 per kg.

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