Russia seafood export and import in January-February 2009

April 13, 2009 11:05

In January-February 2009 the volume of Russia's export of seafood commodities has slumped though there was an increase for pollock fillets, reports ( with reference to Russia's Federal Fisheries Agency.

More specifically, in January-February 2009 Russia's seafood export amounted to 110,500 tonnes versus 165,900 tonnes in the same period last year and the nation's import decreased from 179,600 tonnes to 143,000 tonnes.

Main external trade operations during the period under analysis were carried out with pollock and herring. More specifically, export of frozen pollock decreased to 28,500 tonnes versus 87,300 tonnes in January-February 2008. In the meantime, export of pollock fillets grew to 7100 tonnes versus 5700 tonnes.

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