Russia’s fishing industry becomes “more open”

October 6, 2010 09:09

On September 28 submission materials for MSC certification of Alaska pollock fisheries in the Sea of Okhotsk and West Bering Sea got available on MSC web site. Publishing of the submissions induced an active reaction from world fish products market participants, reports with reference to Pollock Association.

" Submissions publishing is made according to the rules of MSC but it is a compulsory procedure for fisheries under assessment at this stage", said Alexey Buglak from Russian Pollock Catchers Association. Russian fishing industry and pollock fishery in particular are being attacked because of lack of available and open information about stocks condition or fisheries which is a usual practice for all leading fishing countries. "Putting our submissions in the open access is aimed at showing that PCA as a MSC certification initiator pay a lot of attention to world fishery market demand for available and adequate information on fisheries. We are going to move on in the direction", - said in PCA.

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