Russia reports promising results of stock abundance surveys in the Kara Sea

October 17, 2007 11:43

In the Kara Sea the scientists from Murmansk-based PINRO fishery research institute have discovered fishable stocks which can be tapped in the near future, according to IA REGNUM.

In the course of two months the institute's scientists conducted surveys onboard two vessels with the use of aircrafts and estimated the abundance of the fish stocks of the Kara Sea and the adjacent waters.

As a result, north and south of the New Land the scientists found out that in particular in autumn strong concentrations of pre-spawning polar cod Boreogadus saida were formed in the area. And between the Franz Josef Land and the New Land, within the Russian EEZ, the scientists discovered concentrations of black halibut juveniles.

The collected data is extremely important for substantiating Russia's right of a coastal state for exploitation of the halibut stocks. Besides, on the grounds of the Kara Gates trial catches contained cod, haddock and capelin.

The results of the expedition will form grounds for recommendations as to Russia's exploitation of the biological resources of the Kara Sea. The volumes of potential catches and characteristics of the open fishing grounds will be made public after processing the collected scientific data.

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