Russia making first steps of implementing mandatory clearance of EEZ's fish catch

January 20, 2009 10:47

As per mid-January 2009, Russia has made the first practical steps to implement the new regulation of mandatory customs clearance of the catch made in the nation's EEZ, reports (

In fact, reports have come from all main fishing areas that dozens of vessels have got their catch promptly cleared by the customs within the stipulated 3-hour deadline.

However, most of the landings reported were intended for processing at domestic facilities while facts of clearance for immediate export were quite few, though no complaints of a lengthy red tape in the handling of the exports were known as per mid-January 2009.

The new regulations are designed to encourage value addition at home as opposed to export of raw material and semi-finished products prevailing until now. Towards this end, the Russian companies landing the catch for domestic processing are getting resource fee exemptions and financial incentives, etc.

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