Russia introducing capelin import duties

September 29, 2009 16:25

Russia has introduced a duty for capelin imports, the rate approved at 10% of the customs value. The respective order of the government was signed on 2 September 2009, reports ( with reference to Personalmoney.

The document will come into force two months after the date of its official publishing. The measure is aimed mainly at protection of the domestic fish industry. Introduction of the duty shall prevent exclusion of the domestic fishermen from the domestic market. By mid-September 2009 the Russian fishermen harvested only 75,000 tonnes of capelin or 50% out of the nation's quota of 152,000 tonnes. Such weak results could be attributed to the lack of the fish spotting fleet and poor condition of the fishing fleet.

In the meantime, the Norwegian fishermen have completely covered their capture quotas. Moreover, they have already exported to Russia ca.50,000 tonnes of capelin harvested in the Barents Sea.

Introduction of separate harmonized system codes for capelin into the commodity classification will also help conduct efficient monitoring and analysis of information about import and export volumes, the national harvest of capelin as well as prepare proposals on correction of the customs tariff rates.

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