Russia increases quotas of Greenland halibut, cod and redfish

October 18, 2010 13:24
A range of conservation and management measures have been recently adopted for fish stocks in international waters and straddling national fishing limits based on the precautionary approach, reports with reference to Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization.

As a result, Russia's quotas of Greenland halibut in 2011 have been increased from 1512 tonnes to 1624 tonnes; of cod - from 356 tonnes to 647 tonnes while the quota of redfish has grown from 1007 tonnes to 1726 tonnes of fish.

The meeting has also agreed on management measures for 20 fish stocks in or straddling the NAFO Regulatory Area (NRA) in 2011. Following the reopening of Flemish Cap cod (Div. 3M) and Grand Bank redfish (Div. 3LN) last year and, based on new scientific advice, total allowable catch (TACs) for these stocks were increased. Fisheries for a number of other stocks remain closed. Based on the latest scientific advice on the continued very low level of the shrimp stock on the Flemish Cap, it was agreed that fisheries for shrimp in this area should not be permitted in 2011.

NAFO has agreed upon a progressive strategy to manage Greenland halibut in its Regulatory Area, developed by a working group comprising fishery managers and scientists. The new management strategy provides for the annual adjustment of the TAC according to defined rules and will be implemented for four years.

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