Russia drafted single technical regulations for seafood production and sale

October 29, 2008 12:43

Russia's Federal Fisheries Agency has drafted technical regulations for the production and turnover of finfish and other aquatic species and products based on them, reports ( with reference to the Agency.

The draft law creates a juridical basis for the processes of production, processing, storage and sales of fish products. The new law will specify every activity connected with fish, from its capture through to its sale in retail outlets.

According to President of Non-Commercial Alaska Pollock Fishermen's Association Mr. German Zverev, unlike currently valid technical specifications and multiple standards of the industry's organizations, the new regulations will federally draw single and compulsory requirements to seafood products and the production facilities as well.

The drafted technical regulations covering all the aquatic species include more than 80 state standards (GOST as abridged from Russian) currently used in the industry.

The draft has already gathered consents of Russia's Ministry of Social Development, Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Industry and Trade and Ministry of Agriculture. The Fisheries Agency hopes to forward the draft law to the Lower House (State Duma) before the end of the current year 2008.

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