Russia cancelling mandatory certification of food and cosmetics

February 17, 2010 15:47

As of 15 February 2010 Russia has cancelled mandatory certification of food, cosmetics and tableware and now producers are allowed to display their goods on the basis of holographic declaration, reports ( with reference to RBC.

According to the new regulation, meat and fish, wheat flour and bread, water and wine, sugar and jam, canned and frozen vegetables as well as cosmetics and tableware shall be sold in retail network with no need to be accompanied by mandatory certificates.

The measure is reportedly aimed at breaking administrative barriers for the producers. Until now large companies producing more than 100 food items have been paying ca.100,000 USD per year for the compulsory certification.

In the meantime, experts say that cancellation of mandatory certification will not only simplify producers' operations, but will also push down the quality of goods sold on the national market.

According Russia's Federal Service for the Protection of Consumer Rights and Human Welfare, about 50% of goods, even under the mandatory certification regime, fail to meet the current quality standards and the responsibility of Russian producers and sellers for faulty goods is extremely low now just like fines for quality violations.

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