Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan approving new single vet certificates

December 1, 2010 11:03

The Customs Union Commission (uniting Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan) has approved a new single form of veterinary certificates for live animal and biological objects, animal products, technical raw material and feeds, oil/fat and fish products, reports (

More specifically, under the Commission's decision dated 18 November 2010, in case of trade with third countries until 1 January 2012 traders are allowed to import the above mentioned goods under the veterinary certificates initiated by one of the sides with exporter countries as per 1 July 2010. In case of absence of such veterinary certificates, goods subject to vet control shall be accompanied by the veterinary certificates guaranteeing compliance with the Single veterinary (veterinary and sanitary) requirements of the Customs Union.

Approval of the new variant of the veterinary certificates is supposed to settle many problems concerning clearance of finfish and other seafood products.

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