Russia approved new procedure of customs operations as to seafood transited via nation's customs border

April 7, 2009 16:27

Russia's Federal Customs Service has approved the new procedure of customs operations as to sea fishery products shipped by the fishing vessels via the customs border of the Russian Federation, reports ( with reference to Fishnews.

The corresponding order No.378 dated 4 March 2009 will come into force in 90 days. The order stipulates the procedure of customs operations when the vessels arrive at the customs territory of Russia or leave it, as well as during customs clearance of sea fishery products delivered and imported to the customs territory of Russia or exported by the vessels to the overseas markets.

Clearance of calls (departures) of fishing vessels as well as importation (exportation) of sea fishery products shall be carried out by way of a notice and with selective customs checks. However, when choosing the form of customs control of a particular vessel the customs officers will be guided by the risks management system.

The vessels who deliver sea fishery products to the ports shall be cleared preferentially. The priority right for customs clearance shall be given to the vessels bringing fresh or chilled seafood. The time of waiting for clearance and state control of vessels and sea fishery products shall be defined as actual time from the vessel's berthing or mooring. The total procedure shall take no more than 3 hours.

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