Rosselkhoznadzor continues strengthening control of safety of imported seafood

October 5, 2007 16:32

Russia's Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance Rosselkhoznadzor continues strengthening control of safety of imported seafood, a spokesman of the service told (

More specifically, as per 28 September 2007 the new forms of veterinary certificates for food finfish and other sea products exported to Russia from the EU countries, Japan, Vietnam, South Korea, Chile, Norway and Iceland have been jointly signed and approved.

Export of finfish and related products to Russia from 16 Chinese companies - 2100/02005, 2100/02323, 2100/02221, 3300/02033, 3300/02078, 3500/02168, 3700/02603, 3700/027889, 4400/02250, 4400/02116, 4600/02026, 3500/02193, 3500/02073, 3700/02826, 3700/02441, 4400/02212 - is prohibited, while no restrictions for other Chinese fish processing plants were introduced.

At the same time, according to the results of the inspections, exportation of finfish and related products to Russia is allowed from the following approved plants:

  • Norway - nine producers of farmed Atlantic salmon and trout and related products: ST337, M394, ST400, N169, ST423, SF222, H82, N742, SF364. The Russian side has also informed the Norwegian delegation about approving four Atlantic salmon and trout farms, namely F 480, H 107, H 120 and Т 380, for export from Norway to Russia. Though those plants have been approved for export to Russia, so far they have not been included into the corresponding list. As per end of September 2007 the official papers for their listing were being drawn up.
  • Iceland - 23 approved fish plants processing both farmed and wild fish: IS-50304, IS-01621, IS-40601, IS-01116, IS-01307, IS-01330, IS-01403, IS-01705, IS-01709, IS-01710, IS-01711, IS-01737, IS-01805, IS-01806, IS-05110, IS-05405, IS-05502, IS-05504, IS-05601, IS-05606, IS-05613, IS-30802, IS-50402.
  • Vietnam - 13 approved plants processing farmed fish: DL-324, DL-07, DL-365, DL-14, DL-19, DL-347, DL-65, DL-272, DL-126, DL-405, HK-155, HK-173, HK-128.
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