RFE group boosting its range of crab products for domestic market

June 28, 2007 12:54

At the fourth international exhibition Seafood Russia 2007 held in early June in Moscow MORE (Sea) Group of Companies exhibited products from Pacific crabs under the TM Okhotsky Breeze.

At present the group runs 12 vessels exploiting its quotas of ca.4500 tonnes of crabs, 700 tonnes of whelks as well as other currency earning species. The group's fleet consists of one Japanese-built vessel, five SRTM middle trawlers equipped for crab and whelks fishery, one STR middle trawler and two reefers.

MORE Group provides umbrella for such fishing companies as JSC ZAO Dalrybflot, OOO Magadanskaya Baza Promyslovykh Sudov (ltd), OOO Magadanrybflot (ltd), OOO Rybolovnaya Kompania More (ltd), OOO Vegals (ltd), as well as fish processing companies OOO Dalokeanproduct (ltd) and OOO TsK VI (ltd).

The range of products under the TM Okhotsky Breeze includes the following items:

  • cooked-and-frozen and rawfrozen crabs, legs and meat of red king crab, snow crab bairdi, snow crab opilio, spiny king crab and blue king crab;
  • Okhotsk whelks;
  • salmon harvested with driftnet gear, salmon caviar.

More information from:

Official representative of MORE Group - OOO TsK VI (ltd); Str.6, D.1A, 3 Nizhnelikhooborsky pr., Moscow, Russia; tel. +7 495 2296390, 7673427, +7 917 5595243; e-mail: alex3002@list.ru, i.sigachev@mail.ru

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