Results of Russian fishery in Russian Far East as per January - May 2010

June 3, 2010 11:39

According to provisional figures, in January - May 2010 the catch of fish and non-finfish species in the Russian Far East considerably increased in comparison with the same period last year, reports (

More specifically, fish and non-finfish catch volume in January - May 2010 increased by more than 200,000 tonnes against the previous year level. Russian fishermen harvested about 220,000 tonnes more of Alaska pollock in the Sea of Okhotsk.

As for other species, catch volume of Atka mackerel increased by 9,000 tonnes, squids by 4,200 tonnes, Pacific cod by 2,600 tonnes. Catch volumes of wachna cod and halibut grew by 1,600 tonnes and 1,500 tonnes correspondingly.

In January - May 2010 total catch of crab species in the basin increased by 160 tonnes from the year 2009 results while in Primorye subarea fishermen targeting crab were more active harvesting during the period under analysis 2,800 tonnes of crabs, up almost 1,200 tonnes from the year 2009 level.

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