Results of first auction sales of pollock roe in Busan and roe market outlook

April 1, 2011 16:05

Despite some sellers' concerns as to possible lack of buyers at pollock roe auctions, the auction sales resumed in Busan on 30 and 31 March 2011. According to the participants, the sales were good, reports with reference to own sources in Busan.

Even those buyers who insisted on delay of sales till at least April 2011 arrived in time as well as their processors. The number of visitors at inspections was quite usual, the representatives of all main buyers of Alaska pollock roe participated in the auctions. Their activity in the sales process was higher than it used to be.


The auctions prices were fairly high. The Japanese paid USD 7.20-7.50 per kilo of pollock roe of poor quality or immature roe, while high quality roe fetched more than USD9.00 per kilo. One of the lots was sold at a price of more than USD10.00 per kilo.


Buyers think that the high prices trend will stay for the next week as well. According to many specialists, this year the consumption of pollock roe in Japan will rise because it is believed that the product helps to remove radionuclides from human organism.

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