Responsible Fishing Scheme crustaceans claw their way to the top

April 12, 2010 14:30

The Cromer Crab Company is proving its commitment to quality and care for the marine environment by sourcing its live crab and lobster exclusively from the Responsible Fishing Scheme (RFS), reports with reference to Seafish.

Developed in 2006 by Seafish, the authority on seafood, the RFS promotes good operational and environmental practices.  The scheme is an independent, audited assessment of the application of good practice by a vessel skipper and crew in their fishing operations.

The Norfolk-based Cromer Crab Company is offering a price increase for RFS brown crab catch to incentivize boats to join the scheme. Nic Samujlik, Raw Materials Buyer at the company said: "The business decision to Support the RFS was a simple one as we believe the criteria are positive and a step in the right direction for the whole Industry. Schemes like the RFS help to ensure and secure the continuation of quality live products landed and the support the most responsible methods.

"We have rewarded our suppliers with a price increase for their live brown crab and applaud them for supporting and getting behind the RFS concept and vision for the future," concluded Nic.

There are over 600 UK registered vessels actively involved with the scheme, with 418 now fully certified. This figure represents an impressive 50% of the seafood landed by the British fishing fleet.

Mick Bacon, Seafish Project Manager for the RFS, said: "I'm delighted that Cromer Crab is supporting the RFS. It shows that the processing sector in the UK is serious about setting high standards and caring for the marine environment."

Skipper of Two Brothers, Andy McCallum, said: "We land our catch direct to Cromer Crab and, since they only buy from RFS boats, we joined the scheme to keep our customer happy and protect our market. I didn't have to make any changes to the way I fish or the gear I use as I already operate to the standard of the scheme. The extra cash per kilo is certainly a bonus."

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