Regional processor comes forward with brand new delis for Russian middle class

May 17, 2007 17:21
The "Palisandr" Company, one of the leading seafood processors in Kaluga Region of Russia (150 - 200 km south-west of Moscow) has launched a new line of products to compliment its existing range of smoked, salted, vacuum packed fish, ready-to-cook, skim-packed seafood etc.

The novelties are juliennes from Atlantic salmon, mussels and squid.Juliennes-Palisandr

As the company said to FISHNET.RU, this type of product is absolutely new for the Russian market. The juliennes are produced according to the recipes and technologies developed in the company.

These are ready-to-cook products made from natural raw materials only. The juliennes are packed in special plastic containers for juliennes resistant to high temperatures. So the consumer only has to heat it in MW oven and enjoy the meal, the Palisandr explained. There are 2 portions 110 g each packed in a cardboard box.

The company says that although the new product item is a delicacy its price will be affordable for middle-class consumers.

Contact information

Palisandr, ZAO

1, Kutuzova str., 249052 poselok Obolenskoe, Maloyaroslavetsky r-on,Kaluzhskaya obl., Russia

Tel.:+7 495 6484066

Fax: +7 495 5428009


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