Record output of frozen Blue Whiting

May 21, 2010 12:15

On May 17th the total landings of Blue Whiting by Icelandic vessels were 75,000 tons, out of a total quota for the season of 83,400 tons, reports with reference to Iceland Seafood International.

According to Teitur Gylfason, Sales Manager at Iceland Seafood International, a higher proportion of the total catch is now being frozen for human consumption than ever before.  Over the last four years, Iceland´s total production of frozen Blue Whiting has been as follows:

2007 ... 17,600 tons

2008 ... 14,000 tons

2009 ... 16,000 tons

2010 ... 21,000 tons (estimate)

According to Mr Gylfason, the  export value of the 2010 production is likely be in the region 1500 million ISK (USD 12 million based on the current rate of exchange).

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