Putin urged to establish order in fishery beyond 12-mile customs zone

September 7, 2007 15:17

Speaking about imperfection of management and legislative basis at a recent meeting of the State Council, President Putin has noted that time has come to establish order in the fishing operations beyond the 12-mile customs zone. Now the country has got no methods of secure registration and control of catch volumes and seafood export in the EEZ, Putin emphasized at the meeting. Seafood exportation from beyond the 12-mile zone is carried out without customs clearance and Russia has got no international agreements with many countries importing Russian seafood. In fact, Russia does not even know for sure how much it loses from absence of proper control beyond the border of the 12-mile zone. In general, the fishery in the Russian marine economic zone has grown into a source of the largest illegal cash flows and the government should take urgent steps to establish order in the sector, Putin said.


President Putin has expressed disapproval of proposals to sell forfeit fish belonging to non-identified owner. Instead, President has taken sides with the proponents of the idea to destroy all the forfeit fish products, both industrial and food.

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