Prospects for Atlantic salmon culture in Murmansk

October 25, 2006 16:28

On 6 October Norwegian well-fish boat Viknes called at Liinahamari port (Pechenga Guba in the northwest of the Kola Peninsula) to land 100,000 juveniles of Atlantic salmon.

Discharge took two days. The smolt pumped into two cages 18 meters deep is meant for on-growth at the sites of Gigante Pechenga Company. The juveniles will be grown to market size within two years. According to general director of Gigante Pechenga Andrey Nizhnik, the costs of the project are fairly high because one kilo of the Danish feed for salmon fry costs 1.5 Euro. The previous landing of smolt was carried out in the year 2001.

Atlantic salmon culture in the territory of Murmansk province has been actively developing during the recent five years. The project has been so far carried out only by OOO Gigante Pechenga (ltd). It is Russia’s first and only company engaged in Atlantic salmon culture. Since its birth the company has mastered all the stages of salmon culture up to market size. The company has supplied more than 500 metric tons of fresh products of high quality to the Russian market.

In the meantime, the company has developed a detailed plan of development for the next five years. It provides for the company reach the project capacity of more than 5000 tonnes of salmon per year with a further growth potential up to 10,000 tonnes. In case of success, Gigante Pechenga hopes to gain a larger share on the Russian market winning it from the foreign producers.

The company is a member of non-commercial Association of Onshore Fishermen and Farmers of Murman and is one of the most successful companies engaged in fish culture in Murmansk province. Atlantic salmon products made by Gigante Pechenga are mostly sold in the Northwest Russia.

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