Progressing of Russian fisheries in the North Atlantic on 18-24 March 2010

March 29, 2010 09:18

On 18-24 March 2010 Murmansk-based trawlers were operating mostly in the Russian EEZ and continued successful fishery on the capelin grounds (Kaliningrad-based vessels finished operations on 11 March 2010), reports ( with reference to AnlantNIRO.


In the week under analysis the Russian vessels kept fishing in the Rockall waters. In the south of the fishing zone blue whiting concentrations shifted to the Irish EEZ due to which the fleet had to move to the northwest. The fishery situation was reported as difficult.


The main group of the Russian vessels represented by Murmansk-based trawlers was operating in the south of the area. During the whole week from 18 to 24 March 2010 the fishery situation remained stable. Higher temperatures and dynamics of water conditions favoured the catch rates which were dominated by large West African horse mackerel.


Three Russian trawlers were conducting successful fisheries in the waters of Senegal. In the beginning of the week under analysis the vessels were working in the south of the area, and then they returned to the northern border. With the catch rates reported as fairly high the harvest was stably dominated by horse mackerel.

Antarctic part. South Orkneys Islands

Krill fishery in the waters of the South Orkneys Islands was continued by one Murmansk-based vessel.

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