Program of sturgeon recovery to be launched in the Russian South

December 21, 2007 13:07

The government of Rostov region has developed a program of development of fish farming sector up to 2015. According to the governors of the Volga-Don region will invest RUB250 million for rebuilding of valuable commercial fish species.

According to VNIRO specialists, it will be possible to revive such species in the Don River and in the seas of Azov and the Black sea.

The aim now is to bring the farming of juveniles up to 360 million specimens of ordinary fish species and up to 3 million individuals of sturgeon fish species. The target is feasible but very difficult to reach (for comparison, they farmed up to 250 million of juveniles in the past).

As a result of this program development, the volume of market sized production will reach 22,000 metric tons fish per year.

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