Processor adds pangasius rolls to its smoked range for million-strong Urals region

April 19, 2007 11:40

Interatlantic Company (major processor and distributor in the rich Urals region) has expanded its range of smoked products with hot smoked rolls from Atlantic salmon, pangasius, pink salmon, mackerel and butterfish. The weight of one roll is 300g and it is marketed under the trade name "Orekh" (Nut).Рулеты_Интератлантик

About company

Interatlantic Company is a large producer of salted, smoked, dried fish as well as a supplier of fresh frozen fish and shellfish/molluscs to the consumer market of the Urals region. The company claims leading positions in prepared seafood sales in the Urals region.

At present Interatlantic Company has four registered trademarks, which are already well-known on the local market.

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