Private label of O'More expanded by innovation products

December 9, 2010 11:30

Product line under the exclusive label of O'More owned by the Ukrainian EKO-market retail chain has been expanded by high quality fish snacks, reports ( with reference to the chain.

Now the product ranged labeled under TM O'More includes:

  • Anchovy salted and dried, 18g;
  • Anchovy salted and dried, 36g;
  • Squid salted and dried, sliced, 18g, 36g, 75g;
  • Squid rings salted and dried, 18g, 36g;
  • Horse mackerel salted and dried, 18g, 36g;
  • Tuna salted and dried, 36g, 75g;
  • Yellowfin sole with pepper salted and dried, 18g, 36g;
  • Yellowfin sole salted and dried, 18g, 36g;
  • Sculpins salted and dried, 25g. 


EKO-market is the Ukrainian chain of 66 supermarkets located in 22 towns of the country. The company has a workforce of 7000 people. The chain sells food products, household chemicals and essential commodities.

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