Private companies boosting investments into salmon stocks reproduction at Sakhalin

May 23, 2008 15:50
In 2008 Sakhalin-based OOO Nerest Company (ltd) is planning to complete the building of the salmon ranching station on the Krasnoyarka river and the hatchery will run at a full capacity. Also the company is studying water and biological conditions on the rivers Pionerka and Kostroma for the construction of two more plants for salmon reproduction, according to reports from the area.

Meanwhile, the feeding of pink and chum salmon fry has already begun at the facilities already commissioned at the plant located on the Krasnoyarka river (Kholmsk district).

According to the chief fish farmer of OOO Nerest Company (ltd), in autumn 2007 more than 8 million salmon eggs (more than 3 million chum salmon fry and more than 5 million pink salmon fry) were placed into the nursery. They survived the winter rather well and eggs' discards were minimal. The salmon juveniles are fed with vitaminized feeds with all necessary additives which were delivered to the fish farming plant in the volume of 1400 kg.

The fish farmers aim is to feed chum salmon fry at least up to 1 gram, pink salmon fry at least up to 400-500 milligrammes before release for eventual recruitment to the salmon stock of the south-west coast of Sakhalin.

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