Prices of pink salmon and chum salmon in Moscow looking upwards

April 24, 2009 12:38

As per the fourth week of April 2009 Moscow's pink salmon market has continued showing upward price pressure, analysts of ( concluded after analyzing the current situation on the market.

According to a spokesman of a large company based in the Russian Far East and with strong presence in Moscow, the market has displayed a considerable price rise for Pacific salmons. In particular, w/r pink salmon of high quality has appreciated to RUB125.00 per kilo, while the price of head-on gutted pink salmon has reached RUB140.00 per kilo. The value of chum salmon has also reached RUB140.00 per kilo. While the wholesalers still hold such coldstore inventories of pink salmon (though they are small), the inventories of chum salmon are extremely limited. According to some information, the pink salmon inventories in Moscow amount to ca.500 tonnes. The rise of prices for chum salmon of fairly good quality is attributed to exhaustion of inventories of inferior quality chum salmon fit for canning. In this situation and under the strong prices salmon sales in Moscow are at minimum level. In particular, while targeted weekly sales volume amounts to ca.20 tonnes, now the wholesalers only sell ca.5 tonnes per week.

Russian fillets of pink salmon skin-on IQF 300 grams are sold at RUB120.00-140.00 per kilo.

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