President turns spotlight on aquaculture

September 7, 2007 13:03

At a recent meeting of the State Council President Putin told the officials that the policy of the state patronage should touch not only fisheries, but artificial reproduction of finfish and aquatic species (aquaculture) as well.

During the recent years the world's harvest of marine biological species has reached ca.95 million tonnes per year and President Putin has pointed out that fish culture at farms and hatcheries has a good outlook in this context.

He has drawn the Council's attention to the fact that in many countries aquaculture production accounts for 7-10% of their harvest figures, while the Russian government has paid insignificant attention to the sector which has been developing very slowly failing to meet modern requirements. President Putin has instructed the officials to look into introduction of the latest aquaculture technologies and making the industry's specific legislation, the lack of which seriously hampers business activity and inflow of investments.

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