Popular Russian seafood label visually upgraded

March 23, 2009 09:34

Coruna Branding Group has upgraded the visual style and all the other elements identifying one of Russia's most popular canned fish brands Tolstyi Botsman (Fat Boatswain) owned by Integral company, reports www.fishnet-russia.com (www.fishnet.ru) with reference to Adlife.

According to Coruna, Tolstyi Botsman is one of the nationwide canned fish brands on the Russian market. For the time of its existence the brand has gained popularity with the consumers, but in a situation of quickly changing market trends Integral has decided to improve consumer's perception of the brand and distinguish it from competitors.



Restyling has touched the brand's all main identifications. More specifically, changes have been applied to the company's logo and graph sign. The logo has retained its original font which has only been simplified to add more readability to the logo. The graph sign has been also shaped more distinctly, while the brand's hero boatswain has become younger, more energetic and wielding brighter colours.

Marine themes inherent to the product itself and the brand has become the basic in the brand line and new design of packaging. Besides, Coruna Branding Group has developed new graphic constant - sailor's striped vest - which should distinguish the brand on the shop shelves.

The brand line "Pipe all hands on table!" has intensified the boatswain character of the brand thus building up a consistent image.

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