Pollock and herring stocks in the Sea of Okhotsk reported to be high

February 9, 2009 16:29

Abundance of Russian pollock and herring stocks in the Sea of Okhotsk is fairly high, according to the surveys made by TINRO-Centre fishery research institute in October-December 2008, reports www.fishnet-russia.com (www.fishnet.ru) with reference to Skr.

The surveys have revealed that the APO and herring stocks are strong and continue increasing. In 2010 the abundant classes of the recent two years will just partly recruit the commercial stock therefore in 2010 the catch may increase by no more than 20,000-25,000 tonnes.

In the year 2011 the herring stocks will rise very much at the expense of two strong classes of the year. Therefore the scientists expect increase of the herring harvest by 100,000 tonnes and the total harvest of herring in the Sea of Okhotsk will reach 300,000 tonnes.

As for salmon, the scientists think the abundance of pink stock is at the level of 2007. It is 20% lower as compared to the expected figure. The data collected will become basic when forecasting catches of main salmon species in 2009-2010.

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