Poll announcing Russia's most popular fish labels

August 14, 2007 15:21

Ruskoye More owned by Russian Sea (mentioned by 29.4% of the respondents), Baltiisky Bereg (23.7% of the respondents) and Santa-Bremor (14.8%) have come forward as the most popular and the best consumed deli fish labels in Russia in the first quarter 2007, according to TNS Gallup Media.

The top five popular labels also include meridian (6.7% in the second half of 2006) and Raptika (4.9%).

Ruskoye More (Russian Sea) is also the leading label in the most important segments of ready-to-eat value-added fish products. According to Nielsen, the share of Russian Sea in the year 2006 reached 24% in the marinated herring segment, 26% in caviar/roe segment and 36% in delicatessen fish segment.

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