Plitt Seafood of Chicago Releases Plans to Consolidate Their Distribution Market

April 13, 2010 09:43

North Elston Seafood Partners, LLC (NESP), the owners of Plitt Seafood, are making adjustments to distribution areas. Beginning in early April, the group will discontinue service to Detroit and St. Louis, reports with reference to Plitt Seafood.

The goal was to analyze the distribution footprint during the first quarter. The decision came after a careful review of the return on investment for Plitt Seafood in all the markets it services. According to John Livaditis, Plitts Chief Executive Officer, Weve realized great success in the reorganization thus far and ave support from our customers. We will continue to key in on operational efficiency, service and quality.

NESP is focusing their efforts on markets that make operational and financial sense. They noted that there is a strong market in Chicago and neighboring suburbs that has yet to be fully tapped for seafood business. Livaditis also commented, We want to show our customers that providing them with the best quality and service possible is our number one priority.

This change is a part of our predetermined restructuring analysis, stated Joe Rossi, the companys Chief Financial Officer, and one of the partners of NESP. These changes will better position us to strengthen our presence locally as well as focus more attention on our stronger outreach markets.

The partners of NESP took over Plitt Seafood in December of 2009, and have been carefully restructuring the company since then. Their focus is on providing impeccable service to their customers, tightening up their day to day processing of product, and getting back to the basics of what Plitt is all about. The analysis of the service footprint was part of the original restructuring plan as laid out upon purchase of the company late last year. In addition to the greater Chicago area, Plitt Seafood will continue its service to Wisconsin, Indiana, Western Michigan and the Ohio/Kentucky region.

Plitt Seafood continues its mission to become a tighter, more streamlined company. According to NESP, these route changes are yet another step in the right direction.

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