Plitt Seafood: market report 14 April 2010

April 15, 2010 10:30


Coming out of the East Coast, the company has some good news. After rains pounded the coast these past few weeks, there were a lot of closures and low availability for product, but finally the weather is improving and waters are starting to open back up. Blue Points, Island Creeks, and other oysters from the area are all going to be back in stock and available for the weekend, reports with reference to Plitt Seafood.

The company will also be seeing the return of the Raspberry Point and Pickle Point Oysters in the next couple weeks. The ice in the harvesting areas that has kept them closed is starting to break up so that boats can get back out there to bring you these delicious shell fish.

Also on the East Coast, the company is starting to see signs of red tide hitting the waters near Maine, almost a month earlier than in past years. Some closures for mussel and clam areas can be seen, but the Plitt company's sources are so far unaffected.

Over on the West Coast, varieties of oyster options are looking good.

Yet another piece of good news coming: softshell crabs have arrived.

Crabmeat is back. SAILOR GIRL CRABMEAT IS BACK. After much demand, and countless taste tests, the company is proud to bring back its private line of crabmeat that is absolutely the best quality available. The meat comes from live Blue Swimming Crab, and is meticulously handpicked and tested to be virtually shell free. The company is also carrying Heron Point crabmeat, which is available in all sizes from colossal to claw.


Again starting out East, the company is seeing prices creeping upwards on cod. As fishermen are seeing less cod available to catch right now, they're switching their gear over to catch haddock. Because of this, the company has plenty of haddock available to cook up and serve to eager customers.

In the Great Lakes, there is plenty of fish available. walleye, perch, and whitefish are all looking good and competitively priced, with more due in for the weekend so there shouldn't be any shortage of product. In fact, Lake whitefish is next month's Fish of the Month through the Shedd Aquarium's Right Bite program.

Coming out of the Gulf of Mexico, the company has got some fish for customers. Between the varieties of sizes that are in house of red snapper and red grouper.

On the West Coast, the company has got some great MSC certified Halibut in house to call and grab before they're gone. Pricing is up a bit and product is a little tight due to high winds keeping the boats at the dock and unable to get out there and fish.

Further south, there are a lot of really delicious looking swordfish and tuna in house right now.

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