Plitt Seafood Forms Strategic Alliance with Euro USA

September 8, 2010 11:05

Chicago, IL - North Elston Seafood Partners (NESP), owners of Plitt Seafood, announced their joint venture project with Euro USA, a company based out of Cleveland, Ohio. Euro USA is an importer and distributor of specialty products, seafood, Pat LaFrieda meats, and wines to the Midwest and Mid Atlantic United States, reports with reference to Plitt Seafood.

Recently, Euro USA has been looking towards expanding into the Chicago market, while Plitt Seafood has been working to streamline services to their customers in the Midwest.

Plitt will continue its daily service to restaurants and businesses in its distribution areas under the Plitt Seafood brand. The alliance enables them to offer Euro USA's products to their customers in addition to the fresh and frozen seafood they currently provide. "By working with Euro USA, we're gaining many years of expertise in the specialty food and meat industries, while maintaining our seafood identity," stated John Livaditis, Plitt Seafood's Chief Executive Officer. "Our focus continues to be on bringing the best quality seafood to our customers. In aligning Plitt with Euro USA, we can offer them a wider range of products, and while keeping our focus on premium fish and customer service."

Additionally, sustainability is a main concern for both Plitt Seafood and Euro USA. According to NESP, the alliance provides both companies an opportunity to expand business, while minimizing their carbon footprint. "Working together will allow us to remain as environmentally friendly as possible as we continue to expand our distribution area," commented Duff O'Donnell, President and Chief Executive Officer of Euro USA. "Both Plitt and Euro understand the importance of sustainability in our markets. This joint venture allows both companies to keep that focus while making smart business moves."

Euro USA was founded in 1986 as importers and distributors of premium quality foods, seafood, Pat LaFrieda meats, and wines from throughout Europe. Currently, their inventory includes a variety of 6000 specialty products. The company's existing distribution region ranges from the Midwest to the Mid Atlantic with offices in Cleveland, Ohio and Sterling, Virginia.

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