Pink salmon shortage in Russia

January 26, 2009 12:06

Dear pink salmon supplier,

Do you know that due to weakening Rouble the Norwegian salmon has considerably appreciated on the Russian market to boost demand for wild Pacific salmon?

The development has lead to practically empty inventory in Moscow and the traders are scooping up the remains of the highly popular product in regional coldstores. Isn't it an excellent chance for pink salmon from Alaska?

We, as Russia's seafood portal No.1 (about 15, 000 visits per day), would be pleased to help you in this business by offering the following cost-effective solution:

  • 1) Introduction of your company by means of a Russian language page (with logo, photos, product list etc.) in our on-line catalogue. The entry would be announced on the main page of the site and in the Free Newsletter circulated to registered users. Reasonable quantity of offers in Russian to be posted on the highly popular Trading Board also included.
  • 2) Keeping you informed on the supply and demand situation via subscription to Russian Fish Report Profi pack containing:

-Russia's first and only English-language electronic seafood news monthly (sample on request).

-Other features attached to subscription: Russian TACs and Catch Quotas, Lists of foreign plants approved and banned for export to Russian Federation, Sortable Russian Company Quota Guides, Russia's Seafood Import Statistics etc.

See more at (in Russian) , (in English as adapted to the needs of the English-language audience).

The entire service is available at 420 Euro (USD540) or a little more than 1 Euro per day.

Awaiting your soonest order to help you start tapping Russia's huge pink salmon market.

Ms. Oksana Kozlova

FISHNET International Sales Manager

Tel./Fax.: +7 81153 38685


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