Pike-perch TACs 2009 for biggest lakes in Russia's northwest

August 7, 2009 15:17

Russia and Estonia have come to an agreement regarding TACs 2009 in Pskov and Chudskoye Lakes located in Russia's northwest and shares between the two countries, reports www.fishnet-russia.com (www.fishnet.ru) with reference to Rybatskaya Gazeta.

In 2009 the mutual stocks of smelt in the lakes are in depleted condition due to unfavourable hydrometeorological conditions and high pressure of predatory fish.

In the meantime, thanks to stable recruitment with highly and medium strong classes the abundance of bream remained fairly large. And this year the bulk of the harvest will be contributed by maturing fish.

The stocks of perch and roach in the lakes are in satisfactory condition, their abundance and biomass are dominated by fish of strong classes of 2004-2005. However, these classes are characterized by low growth rates.

The pike perch classes have been showing a large decrease of abundance of older fish. The bulk of the fishing stock of the species in 2009 will be represented by pike perch of the highly generous class of 2005 characterized by low growth rates. Along with this class, extremely low growth rates were observed for classes of 2006-2008.

The sides have agreed that the pike perch TAC in 2009 will be reduced to 1300 tonnes. Russia's national quota will amount to 700 tonnes (of which 600 tonnes in Chudskoye and Teploye Lakes and 100 tonnes in Pskov Lake) and Estonia's national quota has been agreed at 600 tonnes in Chudskoye and Teploye Lakes.

The structure of the fishing stock of pike shows domination of younger fish with the bulk of the stock represented by medium strong classes of 2002-2003 and a strong class of 2004. Starting from autumn 2009 the fishing stock will be replenished by a generous class of 2005.

Russia and Estonia have also agreed to increase the Coregonus whitefish TAC in Chudskoye and Teploye Lakes from 10 to 14 tonnes. Russia's national quotas will be 7 tonnes and Estonia's - 7 tonnes. The decrease is connected with expectations that this year there will be more whitefish from the medium strong class of 2005.

However, the total volume of whitefish stocks of Chudskoye, Teploye and Pskov Lakes is poor this year, according to the province's State Committee on nature management and wild-life conservation.

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