Phu Yen to promote catch and export tuna

May 11, 2011 10:10

At present, ocean tuna is one of Vietnam's main seafood export items, ranking the third behind shrimp and pangasius and bring huge source of foreign currencies annually into the country, reports with reference to VASEP.

Tuna fishing of Vietnam concentrates mainly in three provinces of Phu Yen, Binh Dinh and Khanh Hoa. Vietnam tuna is exported mostly to Japan, Taiwan, the U.S, EU markets in whole fish. Ocean tuna fishing, purchasing, processing, exporting, logistics services as well as supporting activities helps to create jobs and income for one hundred thousand workers and fishermen.

On April 24th, Phu Yen People's Committee has worked with Foreign Investment Research Centre (under University of Economics - Hanoi National University) on implementing the Framework Agreement, cooperation of procurement, processing and exporting of tuna with Japanese investors.

According to the Framework Agreement signed, two parties agreed to establish a joint venture company in Phu Yen province which specializes in purchasing, processing, preserving, exporting and building up the Phu Yen ocean tuna brand with an aim to enhance quality, stabilize price, conserve fisheries stocks, and ensure fishermen's interests in Phu Yen and adjacent areas. Purchase price of tuna must be stable under the framework agreement signed (between 12 - 20USD per kg).

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