PCA has finished preparation of submission materials for MSC certification

September 20, 2010 15:42

Pollock Catchers Association has finished preparation of necessary submission materials for MSC certification of pollock fisheries in the Sea of Okhotsk and West-Bering Sea, and forwarded the submission to MSC certification body - Moody Marine Ltd, reports www.megafishnet.com with reference to Pollock Association.

In the nearest time the submission materials will be passed to an expert team which is going to make an assessment of the Russian fisheries in accordance with MSC criteria of sustainability.

The next stage of MSC certification process will be a site visit of experts who arrive in Vladivostok in order to make meetings and consultations with representatives of governmental authorities, fishery scientists, ecologists, fishers and other stakeholders. It is expected that the MSC assessment will end in 2011.

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