Pascal Processing Becomes Avure HPP Agent, Offers Contract Pascalisation Services to Northern Europe’s Food Producers

January 28, 2011 09:22

Holland-based Pascal Processing bv has been named the exclusive sales agent for Avure Technologies' high pressure processing (HPP) equipment in Holland, Belgium, and the Westphalia region of Germany. The Dutch company will also offer Pascalisation services to food manufacturers on a contract basis, reports with reference to Avure Technologies.

Pascalisation, a mild, post-packaging preservation treatment, is enjoying widespread acceptance at all levels of the market, and for good reason: it ensures natural freshness, extends shelf-life, and inactivates micro-organisms in a broad range of food products, from seafood and ready-to-eat meats to soups, sauces, juices, and wet salads. Processors who adopt Pascalisation simultaneously satisfy the retail need for extended shelf-life and the growing consumer taste for natural, more healthful, preservative-free products.

As long-time food industry experts, the founders of Pascal Processing recognized the value that the treatment brings to the arena. In choosing to base their new venture on Avure HPP systems, they opted to represent the industry leader whose equipment now processes the vast majority of all HPP-treated consumer food products worldwide.

"Avure is truly the global leader in HPP technology," says Pascal Processing's Stephan Hulleman. "We are very impressed with the technically sound design of Avure equipment, from better reliability and lower maintenance costs to its energy efficiency. These are critical considerations in the food industry, where margins are based on keeping close control over operating costs."

The sales agent offers the full family of Avure HPP models, including smaller lab and pre-production systems; the horizontal 100-liter "Max," introduced last year, for small and medium processors (13,000 kilos/28,000 pounds per 20-hour workday); and the high-production 350-liter (120 tonnes/120,000 kilos/264,000 pounds per day).

In addition to being an Avure agent, Pascal Processing offers tolling capacity on an Avure 100L HPP system. Contract services present food processors with a streamlined and cost-effective path to the technology without having to make a significant capital expenditure -especially useful for test-marketing or introducing new products. As production ramps up, a frequent consequence of the wider distribution afforded by the extended product shelf-life, the sales agent can assist with the transition to a leased or purchased Avure system.

Consumers' growing concern with the taste and texture of the food products they buy makes Pascalisation especially timely. "We are seeing interest from processors across a broad spectrum of food categories: meats, sausages, seafood, fruit, salsas--any type of fresh, chilled product that could benefit from increased shelf- life," Hulleman reports. "Additional advantages include better marination quality and, for seafood, easy separation from the shell--for industry and for restaurant dining, for example."

"We are delighted to have a company that is so well versed in the food industry represent us in this region, which has such a strong food culture," says Matt Rutherford, Senior Vice President of Global Sales for Avure.


About Pascal Processing bv

Located in the heart of the food processing industry, in Wageningen, The Netherlands, Pascal Processing exclusively represents Avure Technologies in Holland, Belgium, and the Westphalia region of Germany, providing HPP equipment sales, leasing, and services on a contract basis. Through its product development partner program, the company assists processors with the adaption of their products to Pascalisation, facilitating contact with recognized technical centers for their expertise in application development. The HACCP/BRC-certified tolling facility also offers access to cooled storage and transport.

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About Avure Technologies Inc.

A pioneer inhigh pressure processingtechnology, Avure offers total solutions to keep food pathogen-free and fresh longer-from recipe development to installation of the fastest, most reliable high pressure presses in the world. A non-thermal process that uses water under very high hydrostatic pressure (up to 6,000 bar), HPP significantly extends product shelf-life while preserving and enhancing natural flavors, colors, taste, and texture. Headquarters are in Kent, Washington, near Seattle, with equipment design, manufacturing, and support operations in Vasteras, Sweden; Columbus, Ohio; and regional sales and support operations globally.

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