Overview of Russian export of Alaska pollock and cod in 2007

May 19, 2008 12:42
In 2007 the Russian export of Alaska pollock and cod to the main European countries saw a general decline, according to Globefish.

More specifically frozen Alaska pollock fillet volumes from the Russian Federation to the German market declined to 25,400 from 27,600 tonnes in 2006 with the Russian suppliers, according to www.fishnet-russia.com/www.fishnet.ru, now focusing more on production for the domestic market as h&g production for the Chinese reprocessing sector has been declining for two years as well. Meanwhile Globefish points out that the long term decline in the Russian share on the German market has continued, down a tenth on the 2006 level to just over 15%.

Russian frozen Alaska pollock fillets supplies to French market in 2007 fell 7% to 4000 tonnes while in 2006 the volume totaled 4300 tonnes.


As for cod, Russian frozen cod export to the UK registered the sharpest drop, falling 9 000 tonnes last year to just over 4 000 tonnes. This amount contrasts with 37 000 tonnes in 2005 when Russia was the leading supplier. It is likely that weaker Russian sales reflect a shift by the Russian industry from fillet production to h&g deliveries to Chinese processors.

The negative trend in Russian supplies of frozen cod fillets is also evident in the German market where Russian volumes in 2007 dropped by over 50% from 2400 in 2006 to 1100 tonnes.

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